Tracking Business

We offer fleet management and tracking services. Our advanced tracking website gives you the power to monitor your cargo and vehicles from any computer. We use a secure web-based tracking system to gather reports about up-to-the-second route information, stops and more. Our GPS fleet management systems are applicable in any type of asset tracking scenario including truck, trailer, van, car, tuktuk, motorbikes as various types of equipment and inventory and cargos.

The system works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thereby enabling you to keep a hawk’s eye on your vehicle and valuable assets. Thus, your asset remains in front of your eyes irrespective of wherever they go.

A combination of a wide spectrum of innovative and advanced GPS (Global Positioning System), GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) and GIS (Geographic Information System) based technology platforms are used to provide our clients with the most precise vehicle tracking.

Once one becomes our valued customer a certified, technology proven GPS tracking unit is installed by our trained installation personnel. With the password protected account on our site, you can enjoy the benefits of live tracking, historical tracking, a wide range of MIS reports and a generation of event-alerts as per your interests through the use of your phone.
This service is also useful for banks offering asset finance loans to ensure that the vehicle can be regained if the borrower forfeits the loan. These services, together with our exceptional tools, technologies and consulting, empower customers to realize extraordinary results.

Tracker Attributes

In addition to the functions listed above, our devices have other characteristics that will help you understand further its capabilities.
i. GSM Frequency: Globally commonly used Quad band
ii. Size: 87*43*14 (thick mm)
iii. Positioning Accuracy: 5 meters. 2D RMS
iv. Network Frequencies: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHZ
v. Working Humidity: 20% -80% RH
vi. Network: GSM/GPRS (classic 12/TCP/IP)
vii. Model: GM 902/GX805s
viii. Weight: 50g
ix. Working Temperature: -200C to + 70oC
x. First start duration: Cold start 38S Warm start 32S Hot start 1S